February Membership Meeting: The Art & Law of Living Neighborly

We’re all neighbors. Living neighborly when disputes arise can be challenging, requiring artful conversation and honed relationship skills. When the art of living neighborly fails, it’s important to understand the law of living neighborly. Aileen and Suzanne will highlight some typical scenarios (fence in the wrong place, dog barks too much, neighbor’s tree is invading, dock is overrun by squatters, etcetera) so that you understand your basic property rights in the event of an unfortunate squabble with the neighbor.

Aileen Leipprandt and Suzanne Sutherland, with Hilger Hammond, will be presenting “The Art & Law of living Neighborly”

You never know when a neighborly dispute may arrise. Come join us for this presentation/discusstion on The Art & Law of Lving Neighborly.