Groundhog Shadow Day 2018 seeking Volunteers

NAWIC Grand Rapids would like to share an invitation to volunteer for Groundhog Shadow Day 2018.

Via Kent ISD:

The Kent ISD Career Readiness team is thrilled to announce that registration for Groundhog Shadow Day 2018 (GSD18) is now open.  We invite you and your team members to join us on Friday, February 2, 2018 from 9:00am – 2:00pm.  Register here.
Mentor registration is open through November 18, 2017.  Please note that individual mentors must complete the registration form (or a representative from a group/department), but it cannot be completed by an organization as a whole.  The form only takes about 5 minutes to complete.

As you complete the registration, please pay special attention to the “commercial” portion.  This is the primary information that students will use to select their placement from the GSD Job Shadow Board. Here are a few examples of successful “commercials”.  (250 characters or less):

  • Ever wondered how a new product idea finds its way from a concept to your cart? Or what it takes to develop the things you use every day – lipstick, shampoo, or an energy drink?  Learn how teams work together to create winning products.
  • We are a makerspace that helps local members of the community build their products and their businesses. We have equipment to build most anything, and it is very hands-on. You will have a fun, fast-moving day and get to help make something.


Last year 639 students participated in Groundhog Shadow Day with 94 dedicated mentors like you – and we expect that number to increase significantly this year as schools are promoting the day already!  GSD18 is an opportunity for students to experience unprecedented access to companies and positions.  In a survey following the event last year students had this to say about the experience:


  • “I learned that I am currently on the right track to pursue the career field that I shadowed, and I made some connections that will benefit me later on.”
  • “I learned that my career field is very team based, which I like, and involves the publication of many articles.”
  • “My career aspirations were further strengthened, and I am more confident about how I will go about pursuing these goals. I’m on the right track. And I definitely want to work at (company name) someday!”