May Membership Meeting: Electrical Focused Overview

Have you ever had an electrical issue in your home and wondered if it was something you could fix yourself or if you should call a professional? Now is the time to learn how to make that decision properly and confidently. Join us for an Electrical Focused Overview.

Autumn Lone, the Business Development Manager at Windemuller, will be giving us a look into the electrical world. Below are some of the items we will be discussing.

“When to” – She will discuss when you should call someone vs when you may be able to perform the work yourself (as an individual, or as a company).
“How to” – Autumn will explain general concepts such as the difference between general light switches and automated lighting control – and explore what materials you’ll need on your jobsite, or, in your home, in each scenario.
ASHRAE Update: Autumn will talk through some of the changes that electrical contractors are seeing in the most recent code update- and how that can affect your project’s budget- along with items that will operate differently than the standard line voltage lighting controls we have all grown used to over the years.
Women in Construction – lastly, we will discuss some of the challenges, and opportunities we all face as women in construction.

Are you ready to learn something new, get into the electrical world and get some of those home electrical questions answered? Then be sure to join us for this Electrical Focused Overview.