November Membership Meeting: Drywall Lesson/Hands-on Workshop

Do you have a few cracks, holes or popped drywall screws in your walls? Want to be able to fix them yourself? Now the attendees to our workshop have the knowledge and confidence to fix them properly.

We learned about drywall with a hands on lesson from Tanya Wiseman. Tanya is a drywall finisher at The Bouma Corporation and was recommended as the best in the field!

Tanya demonstrated the different types of “tape” used in drywall finishing. We now know which one to use when repairing a hole vs. finishing a large seam. We also learned about the different types of joint compound aka “Mud”. There are also several different types of tools-of-the-trade, fasteners, materials and application processes.

Drywall finishing takes knowledge, skill and time. Now our workshop attendees should be able to fix up their walls with confidence and just in-time for Holiday Visitors!