Panel Discussion: Encouraging Women to consider construction as a career

One of the largest issues facing the construction industry today is a shortage in the workforce.  General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Architectural Firms and Engineering Firms alike are all facing a shortage of skilled and experienced workers.  The construction industry employs a large spectrum of workers, yet there still seem to be more jobs than applicants.  What is causing this unbalance?  Where have all of the workers gone?  It’s been almost 10 years since the last big recession, the construction industry is growing at a fast pace.  New Projects are starting daily, commercial, residential and infrastructure projects are all over our state.  Yet many employers in the construction industry can’t hire fast enough to keep up with demand.


Join us for a panel discussion on this topic that directly affects our whole industry nationally.  We hope there will be information that we can all take away to our employers to help them become part of the solution.

Panel Members:

Rita Brown, BCC+

President & CEO

Heather Smith, Michigan Concrete Association

Director of Engineering – Private Markets

Karen Ingle, GVSU

Facilities Planning Project Manager

Ken Bertolini, Michigan Infrastructure & Transportation Assoc.

Director of Work Force Development