Self Defense Success

June’s membership meeting was a self defense workshop. Mike Russo, from Blues Gym, taught us several important and simple self defense moves. He also taught us the importance of awareness and having a plan for any situation you are in.

Some key lessons are:

*Be mentally aware of potential dangers
*Be aware of your surroundings
*Be confident, don’t look lost or scare even if you are
*Don’t be distracted by phone or earbuds
*Follow your intuition, if it doesn’t seem right avoid it
*Be vigilant about safety at home, traveling, at work and in your car

Self-defense is not meant to make you live in fear, it is about being prepared for any situation. Just like being prepared for an emergency, being prepared in case of a personal attack will help you stay calm and respond quickly.

If you are interested in more self-defense information or Martial Arts training, Blue’s Gym in Grand Rapids is a community orientated gym that serves all ages and skill levels. Check them out at